Logging Into Agent WP

  1. Follow the WP link provided by your admin.
  2. Log into the system by using the credentials provided by your admin. The password is case-sensitive, so make sure you use the correct case when entering it.
  3. Select the required language.

  4. Click Log in. Note you cannot log in under the same credentials from more than one device/tab at the same time. If you accidentally do, the system forces you out of your previous (initial) device/tab and displays a notification on the authorization page.

Once logged in, the agent WP opens. Review the page elements to familiarize yourself with their names and purposes.

  1. Agent card. Here you change your status to start working with the threads, go for a break, and sign off. In the agent’s card, you can also review and select your hotkeys, if necessary, download the bug log, and change your profile info.
  2. Your current personal queue and available sessions. 
  3. The chat area where your threads will display once you start working and select one of them.

On the WP authorization page and when clicking the agent card while logged in, the component version (Backend, Reports, Threadstate, Datastore, Frontend) is displayed. This data might be helpful when, for example, you need to send a request to support. You can copy it to the clipboard, if necessary.

System Requirements
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