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5.3.0 (December 30, 2022)

New Features 

  • Agents when sending an outgoing message can assign a message in a queue to another agent/group of agents/chatbot after sending it. This feature is available both in the desktop and the mobile versions of the agent WP.
  • Agents can now view system messages in the View chat history window (messages about transfers, closing threads, block requests, results of the universal commands, added comments).
  • Agents and supervisors can now add a bcc when sending a client an email.

    Before sending an email, agents and supervisors can add a recipient of the bcc (or several ones) in both the input field and in the Send message window. If you enter an email address in an incorrect format, the system will notify you. After sending an email with a bcc, agents and supervisors can see the recipient(s) of the bcc in the chat history of the corresponding message. The client will not see the recipients of the bcc. This feature is available both in the desktop and the mobile versions of the agent WP.
  • In Redirect email messages in the admin WP, we have implemented verifying whether the connection is correct. 
    Now, when saving a new email box, it will be disabled by default. When enabling it (trying to switch it to “on”), the collection of emails from the mail server will be verified. At this time, instead of the switch, you will see a new icon (loader) and a note that a verification is in the process. 
    • If the verification succeeds, the email box is enabled, and the switch is displayed as “on”. 
    • If the verification fails, the email box is not enabled, the switched is displayed as “off”, and a notification about an error is displayed.

      The verification logic is the same for enabling an already existing email box.

      Also, if you had a box enabled but then edited it, once you save the changes, the connection verification will also occur. If it fails, the email box will remain on (it does not turn off automatically), and you will see a notification about an error.  

      The same verification occurs for already enabled boxes in the background. Once every n times such a verification occurs, and if it fails, the box also remains on, and you will see a notification about an error.
  • Supervisors can now download reports from the Reports tab in a ZIP archive. However, by default, they are still downloaded in the CSV format. If you want to use the new option, contact the support team.

    Please note that this setting also applies to generating reports using the new external API methods:
    • If the setting is not specified, after the method is called, a JSON or an CSV file will be generated (depending on what is specified in the method).
    • If the setting is specified, after calling the method, a ZIP file with JSON or CSV files will be generated (depending on what is specified in the method). 
  • In the external API, we have added methods for generating reports (in JSON or CSV) that are available to supervisor on the Reports tab: WorkloadOperational performanceAgent status logProcessing performanceSummary report on incoming threadsMessages reportSurvey resultsPinned messagesFeedback report.

Bug Fixes

  • For agents, we have restored the functionality of browser-based web notifications about events in the thread.
  • We have fixed the behavior, that in the Closed thread mode, caused the following:
    • The message input field was displayed; 
    • The Alt+T shortcut was used to call the tag window.
  • We have fixed the issue that caused incorrect read statuses in the WP to be set for messages sent by clients to messengers.
  • We have fixed the following behavior: if a client from an email channel sent an attachment of a format that was not allowed, this attachment was displayed without a note about an incorrect format in the WP, but the attachment could not be downloaded. Now, such attachments have notifications about the incorrect format.
  • We have fixed the issue that caused a chat history to not be loaded in the agent WP. This could happen in threads from WhatsApp or Viber when agents attached a file, the name of which was longer than the allowed length for these channels. 
  • We have fixed the issue that did not let the name of the attachment to be displayed in the Send message window. 
  • We have corrected the display of the error about the inability to make a transfer in the selected direction. Previously, the error was hidden after a few seconds, now the error is displayed until another direction is selected.
  • We have fixed the issue that caused tags removed by admins to be displayed in the Tags drop-down on the History tab in the supervisor WP.
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