Leaving Internal Comments for Threads

You can leave internal commands in threads for other agents (and supervisors) to see using the /comment command in the agent WP. This comment will be displayed in the chat history as a system message, but the client will not see it. You can also then filter out messages in threads only by comments.

To leave an internal comment to a thread:

  1. In a thread with the required client, press while in the message input field. Alternatively, click the Use command button located below the message input field.
  2. Click the /comment command.

  3. In the message input field, enter the text of your comment and send it as an ordinary message. The client will not see it.

  4. Review the comment in the chat history: it is displayed as a system message that anyone who can view the chat history (that is, other agent or supervisor) can see too. They can also filter out the messages in the chat history by comments.

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