Managing Email Settings

You can add an email address to redirect emails to and from on the Redirect Email Messages page. The email addresses you add here are the addresses from which the clients will receive your responses to their emails. Note that connecting an email channel is only supported for the SMTP protocol.

edna processes threads received via email channels as follows:

  • Email messages within one email chain initiated by a client are considered a thread. If the client sends another email chain, the system creates a new thread.
  • edna accesses the connected mail server for new emails every twenty seconds and applies segmentation and routing settings to them.

Adding Email Adress

  1. On the Settings tab of the admin WP, select Integrations > Redirect email messages.
  2. Click New  in the upper right corner of the Redirect email messages page.
  3. Enter the required details as prompted in the fields.
  4. Save the changes.

    The new email address appears on the Redirect email messages page and is toggled off (inactive) by default. You need to activate it by toggling it on.

Verifying Connection of Email Address

When saving a new email address, it will be disabled by default. When enabling it (trying to switch it to “on”), the system will attempt to verify collection of emails from the mail server. At this time, instead of the switch, you will see a new icon (loader) and a note that a verification is in the process. 

  • If the verification succeeds, the email box is enabled, and the switch is displayed as “on”. 
  • If the verification fails, the email box is not enabled, the switched is displayed as “off”, and a notification about an error is displayed.

The verification logic is the same for enabling an already existing email box.

Also, if you had a box enabled but then edited it, once you save the changes, the connection verification will also occur. If it fails, the email box will remain on (it does not turn off automatically), and you will see a notification about an error.  

The same verification occurs for already enabled boxes in the background. Once every n times such a verification occurs, and if it fails, the box also remains on, and you will see a notification about an error.

Adding Templates for Emails

You can also add templates to email addresses so that agents can use them when sending emails to clients. To do this:

  1. On the Settings tab of the admin WP, select Integrations > Redirect email messages.
  2. Hover over an email address for which you want to create a template and click Create template .
  3. In the Sender Name field, enter the name the clients will receive images from.

    Note the Subject field is disabled. In edna, when you reply to a client via email, the subject will be Re: {Subject}{ThreadID}, where {Subject} is their original subject, and {ThreadID} is the thread ID in edna.

  4. Enter the email intro in the Preamble field (for example, Hello, thank you for reaching out).
  5. Add the signature. You can use the {agent name} and {department} dynamic elements that will fill in with the agent’s name and department when they compose an email from this email address.

  6. In the section on the right of the page, review how the template looks.

    This way, when an agent starts composing an email to a client from the selected email address, everything except for the message body itself will be already filled in for them. 
  7. Save your changes.
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