Adding SMS Channels

In the edna Pulse, you can set up sending broadcasts to your clients via SMS.

To add an SMS channel to use for broadcasts in the edna Pulse:

  1. Log into your dashboard in the edna Pulse.
  2. Go to Settings > Channels.
  3. Click the Add channel button and select SMS from the drop-down.

  4. On the page that opens, specify the channel name in the Internal channel name field (for example, SMS for Marketing).
  5. Select the pricing option you want to use for this channel from the Pricing for the channel drop-down. All the options you see here have been previously agreed on with your assigned manager and accepted by you. You can see all your pricing options on the Pricing tab in Profile > Company profile.
  6. In the Sender name field, enter the contact name your clients will see when they receive the messages from you.
  7. In the Your company website field, enter the company website starting with https://.
  8. Select the country (or countries) where you want to send messages via SMS.
  9. Enter an example of the message you are planning to send to your clients in the Message text example box.
  10. Leave a comment, if necessary.
  11. Once done, click Save to save the configuration or Submit to submit the channel for registration with the operators (service providers).
  12. In the confirmation message, click To the list to go back to the Channels page or close it to remain on the channel registration form.
  13. On the Channels page, review the status of the new channel in the State column.

    • Draft – The channel is a saved draft. You need to register it to be able to use the channel.
    • Under consideration– The channel is being reviewed.
    • Correct – The channel has been registered, and you can start using it.
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