Using Mobile Version

You can use a mobile version of the agent WP, if necessary. This way, when you open your WP on mobile devices, it automatically adapts to the device. The mobile version is available on Android 9+ and iOS 13+ in Chrome and Safari.

The functionality of the mobile WP remains the same apart from the following exceptions:

  • In the mobile version, the following features are currently unavailable: agents’ personal statistics, supervisor notifications, response templates, notifications when the WP is collapsed or the device is blocked, the View chat history option in the search results.
  • Agent’s push notifications are limited to Android devices. They are delivered for the following events when the agent’s app is minimized or the device is locked:
    • A new thread is assigned to the agent
    • New messages are received and require a response in a thread answered by the agent
    • A deadline for a pinned message
    • An inactivity warning
    • The Inactive status is enforced for the agent after the predefined period of inactivity
      For instructions on configuring push notifications, see Configuring Web Push Notifications for Mobile Version of Agent WP on Android.
  • Assigning tags to threads is only available when closing threads manually, if the Tag required setting is on in the admin WP.
  • In the mobile version, threads do not open in the chat area automatically, as it works in the desktop version (for example, when receiving a new thread when there are no other threads in the personal queue), so you need to tap each thread that you want to open in the queue. Then the thread history will display. 
Note that iFrame mode settings (hiding areas/buttons) are ignored in the mobile version.

To start using the mobile version of the agent WP, please contact your account manager for the details.

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