Messages Report

Use Messages Report to retrieve the full messaging history between the contact center (agents and bots) and your clients.

date_deliveryMessage delivery date
thread_idThread identifier
message_idMessage identifier
channelChannel used by the client (that is, channel via which the message is created)
authChannel type: authorized (yes) or unauthorized (no)
appChannel app name (if several apps are connected to the channel)
client_idClient’s internal ID assigned by edna
external_client_idClient’s external ID (for example, from a customer’s CRM), if specified
name_clientClient’s name (if known)
phone_clientClient’s phone number (if known from an unauthorized webchat)
agent_idAgent’s identifier
agent_nameAgent’s name
sv_idSupervisor’s identifier
sv_nameSupervisor’s name
department_idDepartment identifier
department_nameDepartment name
message_directionMessage direction: incoming (from a client) or outgoing (from an agent or a chatbot)
textMessage text
message_type2Message type: text, attachment, or text with an attachment (combined)
content_typeAttachment type (if any)
content_sizeAttachment size (if any)

Each message (regardless of the direction), contains the agent’s name and ID:

For messages from agents: attributes of the agent who sends the message
For messages from clients: attributes of the agent who is the first one to respond in the thread after the client’s message

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