Pricing Conditions

Pricing conditions are specified for each of the channel that you are planning to use in your broadcasts. Accepting the specified pricing conditions is a prerequisite for using the services of the edna system. However, before you accept the pricing, you can opt out of it.

You can review all available pricing options on the Pricing tab in Profile > Company profile. 

  • Available pricing – The pricing conditions that you have previously agreed upon with your manager and can use to work in edna. You need to accept the rate before its activation date. You will be able to select one of the options when registering a new channel.
  • Active pricing – The pricing conditions that are connected to your user profile in specific channels. Activie pricing is also use to charge for messages in the corresponding channels. Active pricing conditions are the ones that are already in use.

To see the changelog of your active pricing (if there were any changes), click Change history next to the required option.

If you want to activate a new pricing rate or change the conditions of the current one, send a request to your assigned manager. In the request, specify the list of the pricing options, that you want to change, name of the signature, for which it will be changed, and the contract number.

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