4.6.0 (June 1, 2022)

New features

  • We have implemented a setting for the {client name} parameter used in response templates: now, when sending a message based on a response template with this parameter, it fills in with the client’s name received from an unauthorized channel. Previously, it was only possible to fill in the client’s name if it was received from an authorized web widget or mobile app. This new setting is disabled by default. To enable the setting, contact the support team.
  • In the agent WP, we have changed the design of notifications that agents receive as yellow/gray badges at the top of the page. The system sends these notifications when, for example, an agent wants to go inactive, but has unfinished threads, or when an agent receives a new message/thread while not being in the Queue thread mode. 

Bug fixes

  • For agents, we have restored the functionality of the search by hints sent by the chatbot.
  • We have fixed minor bugs with assigning, searching for, and displaying assigned tags.
  • In the transfer window, we have fixed the following issue: the color of the free sessions marker was displayed incorrectly in the list next to employees/departments/skills.
  • We have fixed the issue with the chat history in the email channel being displayed incorrectly.  
  • We have fixed the problems in displaying the layout of the supervisor WP that occurred when calling the transfer window.
  • We have fixed the following behavior: the data of not all agents who changed their statuses was displayed in the Agent workload level graph in the supervisor WP (Monitoring tab > Threads widget > Your agents).
  • In the Processing Performance report, we have fixed incorrect filling of data in the following fields: ID and name of the first user who responded in the thread, ID and name of the first agent who responded in the thread, ID and name of the first agent assigned to the thread. 
  • We have restored the logic of the Agent inactivity with a thread in progress timeout.
  • If segments are not created in the system, an incorrect page opened in the admin WP when clicking the Add segment button in Client notifications > Individual notifications for segments. We have fixed this, now the Segments page opens.
  • We have fixed the issue with the Client blocking notification being sent to a client even though the notification was not set up in the WP. 
4.6.2 (June 8, 2022)
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