Connecting Instagram Channel

To use the Instagram channel:

The Instagram channel allows the company to communicate with customers in edna Chat Center on behalf of the Instagram business account. According to Instagram’s rules, the company can only send messages to customers if they start a conversation on Instagram themselves:

  • send messages in a chat with the company;
  • post stories mentioning the company’s business account;
  • respond to the company’s stories.

Once the conversation starts, the company can send messages to the customer within 24 hours.

Use the credentials of a Facebook user who has access to the Instagram business account you are using to connect the channel.

How to Create and Connect Instagram Channel

  1. In the administrator’s automated workplace, go to the SettingsChannels section and click Create.
  2. Select the Instagram channel type.
  3. Specify the channel name.
    The maximum length is 50 characters. This name is displayed in the agent’s personal queue. 
  4. Specify the application name.
    The maximum length is 50 characters. This name is displayed in the filters of the supervisor’s automated workplace and in the segment settings of the administrator’s automated workplace. This field is not editable after the channel is saved.
  5. Click Continue with Facebook to log in to your Facebook account and select the required Instagram business account to connect to edna Chat Center.
Facebook allows you to select multiple Instagram accounts, but only one Instagram business account can be connected to a single channel. If necessary, create multiple channels and connect different business accounts to them.
  1. Click Save.
    The Instagram Business account information will then be available as follows: photo, profile name, username, and the Open Instagram button with the link to the business account.
  2. If necessary, read the channel communication rules.
  3. Click Save.

After a successful connection, the channel is off by default. To create threads and perform routing, enable the Off switch in the channel line.

Click the edit icon in the channel line to edit or delete the channel and update the token.

If the owner of the linked Facebook account has changed their credentials after connecting the channel in edna Chat Center, log in to the Facebook account again and update the channel token.
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