Assigning Tags to Threads

A tag is an attribute of the thread, its characteristic that you can assign while processing or closing the thread. Tags are created by admins and can have one, two, or three levels. You can assign as many tags to a thread as you need.

1-level tag2-level tag3-level tag

Same as with response templates, you do not see all possible tags, only the ones that match your skill(s) and department.

Also, you might be required by your admin to assign a tag to a thread before closing it. When you try to close the thread that has no tags yet, the system opens the Thread Tags window where you need to select the required tags. Only then you can close the thread. However, if the system closes the thread automatically (when the timeout ends), it does not require any tags.

To assign a tag to a thread:

  1. In the required thread, press Alt + T while in the message input field or click the Assign tag  button located below the message input field.
  2. Search for and select the tags you want to assign to the thread. If necessary, you can use the up and down arrow keys for easier navigation in the list.

    You can select as many tags as you need. Note that the tags that you previously selected for this thread are visible, but disabled.
  3. Click Save.

    The tags you select appear in the thread above the message input field and you can edit the list, if necessary, and remove the tags you do not want this client to have anymore. The tags are not visible to the client but are visible to agents in the thread history.

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