Enabling Client Profile

You can review the client’s information in the client profile located to the right of the chat area. If necessary, you can hide the client profile by clicking the Client profile button in the thread operations menu.

The following client information is available in the profile:

  • Name and avatar (if known/available)
  • Status (New, Blocked, Transferred, etc.)
  • Phone number (if known)
  • Email address (if known)
  • Data received via CRM (if the integration is implemented) like balance, loyalty program, etc.
  • Number of closed threads
  • Date and channel of the last closed thread. If there is an active thread, you can also see how long it has been active (and this period can be highlighted in red if it has exceeded the period defined by your admin).
  • Number of currently pinned messages

Authorized client:

Unauthorized client:

Client from a messenger:

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