Using Agent Commands

You can use agent commands in threads for faster and easier processing of some common operations. By default, two commands are available

  • /client – It helps you get information about a client’s environment
  • /comment – It allows you to add an internal comment to a thread

    After you call this command, you enter the comment text and send it as an ordinary message. The text, date, and text of the comment and displayed in the chat history as a system message, so other agents and supervisors can see it there as well when viewing the chat history. Note that the maximum comment length is 300 characters. 

Other commands are created by the administrator and can be used for your company’s custom processes.

Commands are useful for typical requests of information that you can get from your system instead of asking the client.

To use a command:

  1. In a thread with the required client, press / while in the message input field. Alternatively, click the Use command button located below the message input field.

    The system displays all commands available to you. Note that in this example some custom commands that your interface might not have are used for presentation purposes.

  2. Select the required command. The message input field fills in with the selected command. You might also need to enter some additional information (number, date, name of the service, etc. – depending on the command conditions configured by your admin) after the command, as specified by your admin in the command description.

  3. Send the command as a usual message. You can see the result of the command in the system message in the chat area.
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