5.2.0 (December 22, 2022)

New features

For agents: 

  • In the list with the search results, we have added a special icon in the form of an exclamation mark instead of an avatar for the blocked clients. We have also added the label blocked next to the names of such clients.
  • When creating a message for a client (in the Send message window), we have added a tip next to the channel where the client is blocked. Such a channel is not available for selection.
  • We have removed a notification about the requirement to assign a tag to the thread before closing it. If the Tag required notion is enabled in the admin WP, and an agent tries to close a thread without assigning a tag first, the modal window for assigning tags will be displayed for them immediately.
  • On the Bot tab in the transfer thread window we have added radio buttons you can use to select the required bot.

For admins:

  • When you are adding a route, you need to specify its routing point by selecting an option in the Routing drop-down. Now, if you select the Groups and agents option, and there you select a whole supervisor group and also an agent (or agents) from another group, they will be visually separated as two route points: the first one will be the supervisor group, and the second one will be the list of additional agents.


  • In external Bot API in the Post answers method, it is now possible to send WhatsApp buttons in non-template messages. You can now also pass a header and footer to messages (quickRepliesHeaderFooter).

Other changes:

  • In the surveys sent via WhatsApp, you can now use WhtsApp buttons for non-template messages. Note if the max value of the score is set to three or less, the client will receive the text of the question with buttons as options for the response. If it is set to more that three, they will only receive the text of the question without buttons. This limitation is related to regulations of the WhatsApp channel.

Bug fixes

  • We have fixed minor errors related to sending an outgoing message from the agent WP to a client via WhatsApp.
  • We have fixed an error with sending an outgoing message via the email channel.
  • We have fixed minor bugs related to sending attachments from the WPs and the web widget.
  • We have fixed the following behavior: a route point was displayed incorrectly if one of the users added as such was later deactivated (removed from the list of users). Now, if they were the only user in the route point, a notification (User not found) will be displayed in this case. If there was more than one user in the route point, both deactivated and active ones, only the active will be displayed in the route point.
  • We have fixed a bug that prevented voice messages sent by clients from being played in the web widget. 
5.3.0 (December 30, 2022)
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