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Managing Response Templates

As an admin, you can create response templates and tags that agents can use in their daily work. For that, you use the Saved Response Templates and Tags page.

A response template is a reusable message that offers answers to typical clients’ questions or requests. Using a response template helps agents decrease the response time and makes their work easier and more efficient.

There are three categories of response templates available to agents:

  • Agent’s response templates – Templates they create for themselves.
  • Directory – Templates you as an admin create for the agents.
  • Prompts – Templates an external bot generates based on the threads in the system. Using prompts is enabled by the system admin.

Agents can only use the response templates that match their skill(s) and/or department, but you can create as many response templates as necessary and set for which skills and departments can use them.

On the Saved Response Templates and Tags page, you can:

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