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Setting Up Channel Working Hours

Use Chat work mode to set up working hours for the chats in your contact center. This page lists all channels that are connected to your edna instance and that your clients can use to message your contact center. You define working hours for each of your channels and, if necessary, specify the system message the clients receive if they try to contact the channel during the off hours.  

  1. On the Settings tab of the admin WP, select Client chat > Chat work mode. The Chat schedule page opens.
  2. Select the app for which you want to configure the working hours.
  3. Select check boxes next to the working days of the week.
  4. Specify working hours for each working day of the week.

  5. In the Message when the channel is offline field,add the message the system will send if the client tries to message your contact center during the off hours.

  6. For some channels, specify the following settings as well:
    • Enable feedback form –For unauthorized web apps, select this check box to send a client that messages the contact center during the off hours a feedback form where they can specify their name, message text, and how to contact them back.

      The system does not create threads for such requests and they need to be processed (replied to) outside of edna. However, supervisors can track these requests using the Reports tab in the supervisor WP.
    • Feedback form – For authorized web apps and mobile apps, select this check box to allow clients to send messages when the channel is offline. In this case, the system creates threads that agents process as usual within the channel working hours.   
    • Show widget/Hide widget – For authorized and unauthorized web apps, use the respective option of this drop-down to show or hide the app widget during the off hours. If you select Hide widget, if a client with no active threads opens the website with the widget, it will be hidden and they will not be able to message you. If they have an active thread when the off hours start, they will still be able to continue messaging. If a thread that started earlier is closed when the off hours begin, but the widget remains open, the message input field is blocked until the beginning of the working hours.
    • Do not show widget on the following pages – For authorized and unauthorized web apps, use this field to enter the URLs where you want the system to hide the app widgets. You can use address masks to list the pages, if necessary. To add an address, enter it in the field and press Enter.

      If a client with no active threads opens one of the entered websites, the widget will be hidden and they will not be able to message you. If the client already has an active thread, and while navigating the website the client lands on the page where the widget is placed but is hidden using this setting, it will ignore this setting and will still be visible to the client.

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