Starting Shift

Once you log into the agent WP, your work doesn’t start automatically as your status is Inactive by default, so you need to change it to Active to start processing threads. After you switch to Active, the system automatically assigns threads to you and you can see them in your personal queue.

To start your shift:

  1. Log into your agent WP.
  2. Click Switch to active mode.

    Alternatively, open the agent card by clicking your avatar (top right corner of the page) and click Active.

If there are any active threads, you immediately see them in your queue. The threads are assigned automatically based on your Active status. You can start working with your threads.

Alternatively, you can select Out instead of Active: in this case, your work also starts, but you do not receive new threads and can review the threads’ history, work on your pinned messages, and send outgoing messages.

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