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Message Analytics

In the AnalyticsMessages section, you can see the results of your broadcasts, the number of incoming and outgoing messages for a certain period and download a detailed report on messages.

Here you can see all messages sent or received within the current edna Pulse account. You can view all messages (including text, attachments, etc.) regardless of what you use: broadcasts, edna Chat Center or edna public APIs for sending messages through edna Pulse channels.

How to View Message Analytics

  1. Open the AnalyticsMessages section.
  2. Click Filters and select filters to see only the messages you need. To see a list of all messages, leave the filters empty.
  3. Select the time period for which you want to view messages. The 24-hour option is selected by default.
  4. If necessary, use a filter by the client’s phone number.
  5. Click on the required message in the list to open its details.

    The following message details are available depending on its type and channel:
  • sender and recipient;
  • delivery status and date;
  • broadcast and cascade name;
  • traffic type;
  • message text;
  • attachments
  • URLs (including source URLs for referral messages via WhatsApp);
  • menu options and reply button details (for interactive messages);\
  • device details (for push messages).

How to Execute Message Reports

To execute a detailed report on the messages, click Download list. The report is uploaded to an Excel file and includes the following information:

  • template ID;
  • template name;
  • template category;
  • error details for undelivered messages (if any);
  • channel name and ID;
  • channel name and steps;
  • message details listed above.