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4.10.0 (July 28, 2022)

New Features

  • It’s time for big changes – please welcome the updated UI of the agent WP! The functionality remains intact, but we have improved the work with some scenarios and added our branded colors to the interface, so now our edna products have the same look and feel. The updated UI is available in the test mode: to try out the new design, use the switch at the top of the screen. The changes are also coming to the supervisor and admin WPs – stay tuned!
  • We have updated the mechanisms for sending and delivering messages with our chat SDKs: we have redesigned the logic of resending undelivered messages, avoiding duplicates, checking and restoring the connection of the chat SDK with Chat Center. These changes resulted in improving stability and quality of message delivery. For this functionality to work, please update the web chat to version 4.10, and Android and iOS to 4.3 (updated mobile SDKs will be released in early August).
  • We have improved the speed of working with tags for when a lot of tags are loaded.

Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed an issue with file names sent by clients being incorrectly displayed in threads (email channel).
  • We have restored the operation of the Last thread segmentation parameter.
  • The Messages report could not download more than 100 thousand messages. We have fixed this. 
  • We have fixed the text of the notification about reaching the license limit.
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