Adding Individual Clients

You create an audience for your broadcasts by adding clients individually or in bulk and then specifying their tags and variables. To add an individual client:

  1. In the edna platform, go to Audience.
  2. Click Add to database > Add client.
  3. Specify all the relevant client information in the User data section. The Phone field is mandatory.

All the client’s details you specify here become their default variables that you can later use in your broadcasts to make the messages more personalized.
  1. If you don’t want to send messages to this client just yet and also don’t want to remove them from the audience, select the Do not send any messages to this client check box. In the Add to the black list? dialog box, click Yes to confirm. This automatically assigns the Black list tag to this client upon saving, which will make it easier to exclude such users from a broadcast altogether. To add the client back to the active audience, clear the check box.
  2. Click Save. Now, you can specify the client’s tags and variables, if applicable, and use your client in your broadcasts.

In addition to creating clients individually, you can also upload a list of clients.

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