Approving/Declining Blocking Requests

On the notifications tab of the supervisor WP, you can review the system notifications, approve blocking requests and profile changes from your agents, and create your own notifications to send to your agents. To open the notifications tab, click the Bell  button in the top right corner next to your avatar.

When for some reason an agent wants to block a client, they send a blocking request that supervisors can approve or decline, and you (along with all other supervisors) receive a notification on this request in the notifications tab. To approve/decline the request:

  1. In the supervisor WP, open the notifications tab by clicking the Bell  button.
  2. Click the required blocking request.

    The system immediately opens the chat with the client (in which the agent sent the block request) on the History tab so you can review the communication the client and the agent had and decide whether to block the client or not.
  3. From the Block request drop-down, select what you want to do with the client: block them (click Block) or decline the request (click Cancel blocking).

  4. Depending on what option you select, the system message appears in the thread (visible for agents working with the client’s thread and for you in the thread history). The client does not see system messages.

    Regardless of whether you confirm or cancel the blocking request, the thread remains in the Closed status (that is, it does not return to the distribution queue). The system only creates a thread for the blocked client if there is a segment created by the admin for the blocked client along with the route for this segment. In all other cases, when a blocked client attempts to message your contact center again (that is, create a new thread after being blocked), the system does not create a thread for them.  
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