Working with Response Templates

A response template is a reusable message that offers answers to typical clients’ questions or requests. Using a response template helps you decrease the response time and makes your work easier and more efficient. You select a response template in the chat area using the Use response templates button.

There are three categories of response templates available to you:

  • My response templates – Templates you create for yourself.
  • Directory – Templates your admin creates for the agents. You do not see all possible template responses, only the ones that match your skill(s) and department.
  • Prompts – Templates an external bot generates based on the threads in the system. Using prompts is enabled by the system admin.

Using Response Templates

  1. In a thread with the required client, press = while in the message input field or click the Use response templates  button located below the message input field.
  2. Select the required template. Note that if a response template has an attachment, you will see a respective icon next to the template.

    The message based on the template displays in the message input field.
  3. Adjust the message text, if necessary, and send the message.

Adding Personal Response Templates

  1. In any thread, press = while in the message input field or click the Use response templates button.
  2. On the My response templates tab, click New .
  3. In the New response template window, enter the text of the new template. You can also attach a file, if necessary.

  4. Use the {client name} placeholder anywhere in the template text, if necessary.

    When you use this template in a message to a client, the placeholder fills in with the client’s name if they are chatting with you via an authorized webchat or mobile app and if their name was passed in a specific field (“client-name”). This functionality is also available for clients from unauthorized channels, but it needs to be enabled by the support team (on your request). Otherwise, the placeholder fills in with a blank space.
  5. Enter/review the number for quick access to this response template. The system uses the latest unoccupied digit by default.
  6. Click Save.

    The system displays the template in the My response templates tab. Here you can review all your response templates, edit, and delete them as you need.

  1. For quick access to one of the templates, in the message input field, press = or click Use response templates and enter the number of the template you need. The system also finds any templates from the directory that have this digit in the message body. You can also search by word. In this case, the system prompts you to create a new template based on the digit/word/phrase, if you need.

  2. Press Enter or click the template to select it.
  3. Adjust the message text based on the template, if necessary, and send it.
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