Template Types

You can use message templates to create and manage broadcasts faster and more efficiently. The following templates are available in edna Pulse:

Regardless of the type of template you create, you can test it later while creating a broadcast: you will be able to send a message based on the template you select to a real phone number. For more details on this process, refer to the Creating a Broadcast article.

Read more about each type of template depending on the operator (WhatsApp, Viber, SMS) in the next articles. The chapters below give a general description of the templates.

Operator Templates

Operator templates are used to register a template with an operator (service provider). After you create and register an operator template, you must create a custom template based on it to use for broadcasts. You can only register operator templates for system and informational messages with the SMS and Viber service providers. You cannot create operator templates to use for advertising messages.

You can’t use operator templates separately for sending messages and broadcasts, you only need them to create custom templates based on them.

You can create an operator template for the following operators:

WhatsAppTo be able to send broadcasts via WhatsApp, you must register an operator template (and then create a custom one based on it). According to the regulations of Meta, which WhatsApp belongs to, you can send your client any notification or message if you have received at least one message from them in the last 24 hours. If not, you can only send messages with predefined and approved content.

You can only send broadcasts via WhatsApp if you have a custom template created based on a registered operator one.
SMS and ViberThe providers of these channels (mobile operators and Viber) allow you to save money on their broadcasts. If you register an operator template with them, you can send messages based on this template at a lower price.

You can use regular expressions in operator templates of all channels. A regular expression is a string of characters instead of which you can use any value, which makes your templates more flexible. Once your service provider approves a template with regular expressions, you can create different broadcasts based on it and adapt it for the current communication that you have with a client. Each service provider has their own rules and standards for using regular expressions. You can read more about them in the corresponding articles – SMS, Viber, WhatsApp – and see an example below.

An operator template:
%w{1,10} starting %d we are changing %w. Learn more about new terms using the following link %w

where %w and %d are registered regular expressions.

Examples of the messages based on this template:

• Maria, starting 06/14/2021, we are changing your card’s fees & charges. Learn more about the new terms using the following link: https://site.com/UmR8e
• Alex, starting 07/10/2021, we are changing the terms of your contract. Learn more about the new terms using the following link: https://site.com/UmR8e

where %w and %d are registered regular expressions.

After you submit a template for registration with the operator, the system displays it’s expected registration timeframe.

Custom Templates

You create custom templates based on the operator templates. After you create an operator template (with regular expressions or without them) and it is registered, you must create a corresponding custom template that the system will use to send messages to the clients.

In custom templates, you can use edna variables as values for regular expressions. This way, you can create a personalized broadcast using not only simple text but your client’s variables (for example, their name, pet’s name, car model, etc).

You can create custom templates to use for broadcasts via WhatsApp, Viber, and SMS.

Free Templates

Free templates are used to save your time. You don’t need to approve them with service providers, so you can create as many free templates as you need. Such templates allow advertisements, and, if necessary, you can also use edna variables in them.

You can only create free templates for Viber and SMS channels.