Uploading a List of Clients

In addition to adding clients one by one, you can upload them in bulk in an XLSX file. This is the easiest and most efficient way to prepare an audience for your broadcasts.

Preparing a List of Clients in Excel

To upload a list of clients, you need to first correctly prepare it in Excel. While creating columns with clients’ details, consider the following recommendations:

  • One column must contain the client’s full phone number, including the country code. The phone number is the only mandatory value that a client must have.
  • If you are adding the client’s attributes, enter each of them in a separate column, not all of them in the same one.
  • Do not enter column headers – you will do this in edna.
  • Enter the dates in one of the following formats: DD.MM.YY, DD.MM.YYYY, DD-MM-YY, DD-MM-YYYY, MM-DD-YY, MM-DD-YYYY, DD/MM/YY, DD/MM/YYYY, YY-MM-DD, YYYY-MM-DD.
  • For gender, use the following format: f, female, m, male.

A good example of a file for uploading:

  • All clients have a phone number specified
  • All attributes are grouped by columns
  • The dates are in one of the required formats

A bad example of a file for uploading:

  • Some clients don’t have a phone number specified – these clients won’t be uploaded to edna
  • Some attributes are mixed up: they are not in the columns they are supposed to be in
  • The second client’s date of birth is unrecognizable for edna, as it doesn’t follow any of the required formats

Uploading a List of Clients

Once the list is ready, you can upload it to edna. Do the following:

  1. In edna platform, on the Audience page, click Add to database > Add list.
  2. On the Add list of clients page, click the XLSX button, browse to the folder with the list and select it.
  3. Click Upload list.
  4. In the list preview that opens once the list is uploaded, select a variable for each of the columns (for example, Phone, Gender, Date of birth, etc). You can also select tags from the tree to assign them to the whole audience.

    This way, you specify tags and variables for the whole audience that you are uploading, which is easier and faster than assigning them to a client one by one. If a tag or a variable doesn’t exist, you can create it in this step as well. For more information about tags and variables and how to create them, refer to the Creating and Assigning Tags and Creating and Assigning Variables articles.
  5. After you define all the details in the list, click Upload list. If necessary, review the results of this process on the Notifications page.
  6. If necessary, go back to the Audience page and review the added clients. If while uploading edna detects any clients that already exist in edna (the ones that have the same phone number), the system will update their records.