Account Balance

After the paid version is activated, your account balance is zero by default. You can keep track of your balance on the Profile > Company profile page.

  • The available balance is automatically reduced when you consume resources. The log is available on the Account statement tab.
  • The amount of the available balance increases when you add funds to the account. Records of it a stored in the payment history.

We recommend that you closely monitor the funds on your personal account and top up the balance to a positive value.

If you use overdraft, it is allowed to have a negative amount on your balance.

If you do not top up your balance in time, the use of edna services may be suspended. Before suspension, a notification will be sent to the email address specified in the billing account. The notification is sent on the day of suspension. After replenishing the balance, the ability to consume resources will be restored within a day.

Note the time for crediting funds to your account depends on the selected payment method. For more details, refer to the Service Payments article.

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