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Editing Existing Tag Structure

If you want to edit the existing tag structure (for example, add another embedded tag to the tree or edit one of the tag names), you can use the overflow menu  that appears when you hover over the tag in the tree.

  1. On the Tags tab of the Saved Response Templates and Tags page, click the Find and add a tag field to open the tag tree.
  2. Hover over the tag you want to edit and select the required option.
    • Edit tag – Use this option to edit the tag name.
    • Add embedded tag – Use this option to add another child tag to the selected parent one.
    • Delete tag – Use this option to delete the selected tag (along with its child ones, if any) from the tag tree.

These changes affect the tags throughout the system regardless of the folder for which they are selected. For example, the Urgent tag is added for the First line and Second line folders (departments). If you add another embedded tag to the Urgent parent tag, the Urgent tag branch will update in both folders (or in all folders where it is used) and the new embedded tag will be available there as well. The same goes for editing a name or removing a tag as well.

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