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Adding Black Carbon Copies (Bcc) to Emails

When sending a client an email message, you can add a black carbon copy (bcc) to it for both when you process an incoming message from the client and when you create a new one for them (using the Send message option).

You and supervisors can see the information about the bcc, but the clients cannot.

You need to specify the email addresses in the format of <login>@<text>.<text2> or <login>@<text>.<text>.<text2>, where:

login can contain Latin letters, digits, dots, or underscores, dashes;
text can contain Latin letters, digits, dashes;
text2 can contain Latin letters (2 letters min)

Add Bcc When Processing Incoming Messages

  1. Below the message input field, click the button to change the email attributes. This button is only available for threads from the email channel.

  2. In the window which opens, add the bcc recipient(s). If you add several ones, use a comma or a semicolon as a separator.

  3. Click Save. The bcc recipient(s) will display above the message input field.
  4. Enter your message.

  5. If you need to change or add bcc recipient(s), click the button to change the email attributes again.
  6. Send the message. The email will display in the chat area. It will also contain the name(s) of the bcc recipient(s).

Add Bcc When Sending Outgoing Messages

  1. In the Send message window, add the email address(es) of the bcc recipient(s).
  2. Fill in other fields as required and send the email.

Further, when you, other agent, or supervisor opens the chat history with this client, the information about the bcc and its recipient(s) will be displayed there.