5.0.0 (November 23, 2022)

New Features

  • Agents can now add an internal comment to a thread using a new internal universal command – /comment. After an agent calls this command, they enter the comment text and send it as an ordinary message. The text, date, and author of the comment are displayed in the chat history as a system message, so other agents and supervisors can see it there as well.  

    Also, agents can quickly search for and display previously added comments:
    • A new option, Comments, is now available in the Configure chat section filter. When using the Comments option, the system filters the thread for comments, so it only displays comments (if any).
    • When hovering over a specific comment, an arrow displays. If you click it, it opens the comment in the chat. The filter then changes to All messages, and the chat scrolls back to the selected comment.
  • We have updated the description in the external API and external Bot API documentation.

Please note that in this release, we have changed the approach to displaying the chat history in authorized web widgets and authorized mobile apps. This applies to the cases when a client sends you a message from a web widget while simultaneously having the chat opened in the mobile app (and vice versa).  

After you update to version 5.0.0, messages sent from the web widget will not be loaded online in the mobile app (and vice versa). For the messages sent from a widget to display online in the chat history on a device in the mobile app, you need to update web widget SDK to version 5.0.0, and mobile SDK – to version 4.10.0. These versions of mobile SDK will be released shortly. 

Bug Fixes

We have also:

  • Fixed the issue that allowed to set a past time for a reminder for a pinned message.
  • Fixed minor bugs related to the operation of universal commands and agent hotkeys.
  • Fixed the behavior that caused the first letter to be shifted when an agent was typing a message.
  • Fixed the behavior that caused two download buttons to be displayed for voice messages in the WP.
  • In the agent WP, we have restored the ability to send messages to email.
  • Fixed the issue because of which the opening_agent_time parameter did not fill in the Processing Performance report. 
  • Fixed the following behavior: some issues with creating threads occurred if a client wrote via WhatsApp to different accounts connected to the same edna Chat Center stand. 
  • Fixed the behavior that allowed supervisors to manage user account even though the Allow to manage agent and supervisor accounts setting was disabled for them. 
  • Fixed the behavior that caused a rating selected by the client in the quality survey in an authorized web widget to not display after the page was refreshed. 
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