Adding Default Client Notifications

When first configuring the system, you need to add predefined notifications to the list of general client notifications (the Default notifications list). The system uses the default notifications for threads that have no segment, for segments that have no special notifications configured, and if some notification is not configured as a segment’s special notification.

To add a notification to the Default notifications list: 

  1. On the Settings tab of the admin WP, select Client chat > Client notifications.
  2. In the Default notifications list, click Add notification.
If all default notifications have already been added to the list, the Add notification button is hidden.
  1. Select the notification you want to add from the drop-down that opens.

  2. Review/edit the text of the notification.

  3. If you edited the notification, save your changes.
  4. From the Show notifications in client web chat and mobile application drop-down, select what notifications you want clients to see in thread history.
    • All notifications – Select this option to show all notifications in the thread history (for both active and closed threads) that were sent to the client.
    • Notifications for the current thread – Select this option to show only the current thread notifications in the thread history.
    • Most recent notifications of the same type for the current thread – Select this option to show only the notifications of the current thread and, if there were several notifications of the same type, to only show the most recent ones.

Working with Client Notifications
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