Generating Reports

The process of generating reports is similar for all reports in the system. For presentation purposes, you will generate a workload report.

By default, the reports are generated in the CSV format, but you can have it configured so that they are reported as a ZIP file. For that, please contact the support team.
  1. On the Reports tab of the supervisor WP, select the Workload report.
  2. In the Period section of the report, specify the period you want to include in the report (a custom period cannot be longer than 93 days). If necessary, also select how you want to group the records in the report.
  3. In the Layer section, select the agents whose workload details you want to include in the report. If necessary, select how you want to group the records in the report.
  4. If you want to save the filter settings, select the Remember my choice for the next time check box. This way, when signing out or switching WP tabs, the system will use the filters you selected. To reset the filters, click Reset filters.
  5. Click Download .

    The system generates and downloads the report in the .csv format and you can work with it as required.
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