General Information

The edna Pulse API section describes different methods used in edna API: examples of requests/responses, description of request/response parameters, possible errors, etc.

Any user that is registered with edna platform has access to public edna API. You can configure access and get your API key in your dashboard in edna platform.

The API accepts both POST and GET requests. Its parameters are passed in the request body as JSON objects. JSON objects are returned as well in response if it is specified by a specific request. API uses authorization via an API key. When fulfilling the requests, they must contain the X-API-KEY header with the value of your API key. You receive this key along with other credentials after you are registered at

You can also test sending and receiving messages to a test phone number using edna API for the WhatsApp channel without having to register your channel first. To do that, go the the Testing tab on the Integration page.
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