Tracking Agent’s Inactivity

The system tracks your activity and if you have an active thread, but for some reason ignore it (that is, you do not send new messages within the timeout specified by your supervisor), the system throws you a warning that you need to pay attention to the client.  The warning is active for 1 minute, and you need to press Alt + A to return to the thread. If you do not do this, the system moves you to the Inactive status automatically.

This is required for the following:

  • To monitor agents’ being at their workplaces. If an agent leaves without switching to one of the Inactive statuses, all their assigned threads will be transferred to other agents.
  • To exclude the situation when an agent deliberately stalls the consultation.
  • To stay in contact with a client: if their request is difficult and takes time to be resolved, you will know that some time has passed and you need to get back to the client and resolve/close the thread.

In case you log out of the system due to inactivity, accidentally leaving the application or closing a browser tab, etc. your threads remain in your personal queue within a short period (timeout). Such timeouts are set up by your admin (by default, it is 10 seconds). When you log back into the system and switch to the Active status, you continue working with your queue, and the clients do not get any notifications on this. If you do not get back into the Active status, the system redistributes your threads according to the routing settings.

We recommend that you sign out of the system after switching to one of the Inactive statuses.

Blocking Clients
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