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Configuring Chat Invitation Scenario

You use the Service Scenarios Settings page to create scenarios that force an action to happen if the conditions you define are met. You, as an admin, can create the chat invitation scenario.

Chat invitation is a badge with text on the web chat app. It appears next to the button of the collapsed chat when the defined conditions are met.

To configure this scenario:

  1. On the Settings tab of the admin WP, select Service scenarios > Service scenarios settings.
  2. Click New  in the upper right corner of the Service scenarios settings page.
  3. Enter the scenario name.
  4. In the Action drop-down, select Invite to chat.
  5. Enter the message text you want the clients to see.
  6. In the Condition drop-down, select Site visit duration, select one of the >, , =, <, conditions, and enter the time after which the scenario activates.

    According to the scenario in the screenshot, the specified message text will appear on the banner after a client opens the website and stays there for 20 seconds and more. If the client clicks the button, the web chat opens.
  7. If necessary, add another condition by clicking New  next to the Conditions fields.

    The second condition that is available is Site pages, where you specify the URLs to include in the scenario. Enter the full URL of the page you want to include and press Enter. You can use address masks to list the pages, if necessary.

  8. Save your changes.
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