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Adding Viber Channels

Viber is a popular communication channel that can help you increase your company’s sales and monetize your client base. Using a Viber channel in the edna Pulse, you can send broadcasts to your clients at a great price.

To add a Viber channel for your company in the edna Pulse:

  1. Log into your dashboard in the edna Pulse.
  2. Go to Settings > Channels.
  3. Click the Add channel button and select Viber from the drop-down.

  4. In the Settings section, specify the following required details about your company:
    • Internal channel name – The name of your channel in the edna Pulse (for example, Viber for Marketing)
    • Pricing for the channel – A pricing option you want to use for this channel. All the options you see here have been previously agreed on with your assigned manager and accepted by you. You can see all your pricing options on the Pricing tab in Profile > Company profile.
    • Name in native language (if available) – The company name in its native language.
    • Name in English (maximum 30 characters) – The sender’s name. This will be the contact name your clients will see when they receive the messages from you.
    • Type of business – The type of service your company provides. You need to select what applies to your company from the drop-down.
    • Country where the company is registered – Your company’s country of registration

  5. In the same section, enter the additional information for your Viber channel in edna as necessary:
    • Countries where the messages will be broadcast – The countries where you are planning to send the messages to. You can select as many countries as you need.
    • Account type – The type of communication you are planning to have with your clients: one way (if you can send messages to the clients, but they can’t reply) or two-way (if you can also receive incoming messages).
    • Sample service message (if available) – An example of the type of messages you want to send via the Viber channel
    • Planned launch date of the service – The date when you are planning to start using the channel for broadcasting. You can select it using the date picker in the field.

  6. In the Viber profile data section, enter the following information that will be visible to your clients in your company’s Viber account (all fields are required):
    • Company website – The company website starting with https://
    • Company phone – The phone number the clients will get messages from (and sent messages to if you select the Two-way account type)
    • Company address – The company’s business address
    • Company description – A brief description of what the company does
    • Logos (.png) – Your company logo. To add a logo:
      1. Click anywhere in the field of a logo size that you want to add.
      2. In the window that opens, browse to where the logo is stored and select it. The logo file can only be in the .png format and must be of the appropriate size.
      3. Click Open.
        The respective field on the Create Viber Channel page fills in with the uploaded logo thumbnail.
    • Letter of guarantee (.pdf) – A .pdf scan of the completed and signed warranty letter from your company in English. To attach the warranty letter:
      1. Click Drag and drop or select file and select a .pdf scan of the letter you want to attach.
      2. Click Open.
  7. Once done, click Save to save the configuration or Submit to submit the channel for registration with the operator (service provider).
  8. In the confirmation message, click To the list to go back to the Channels page, or close it to remain on the channel registration form.
  9. On the Channels page, review the status of the new channel in the State column.

  • Draft – The channel is a saved draft. You need to register it to be able to use the channel.
  • Under consideration – The channel is being reviewed by the operator.
  • Correct – The channel has been registered, and you can start using it.
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