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4.11.0 (August 11, 2022)

New Features

  • We continue work on the redesign of the agent WP:
    • We have improved the display of messages in the chat history
    • We have improved the layout related to the functionality of transfers and status switching
  • We have changed the logic of displaying notifications about the need to assign tags to threads. Now, the notification bar automatically closes after 5 seconds, and you can also hide the bar manually by clicking the Close button (X).

Bug Fixes

We have:

  • Corrected how the tags are assigned. Now, after an agent selects a tag from a drop-down, it closes.
  • Restored the correct operation of searching for a tag by a key word (for when agents are assigning tags to threads).
  • Fixed minor bugs related to setting autofocus in the tag search field.
  • Fixed the behavior based on which agents could not close threads if the Tag required setting was on in the admin WP, but there were no tags added for the agents’ skills/departments.
  • Fixed an issue with a modal window not opening for agents if their skills/departments did not have tags added for them. Now in this case the modal window opens with a respective message that there are no available tags.
  • Fixed the behavior that did not allow assigning tags to threads in the old design of the agent WP.
  • Fixed the behavior based on which an incorrect response template appeared in the message input field when agents searched for the response template by using a hot key. Note: this has been only fixed in the new design of the agent WP.
  • Fixed a problem with saving images in the agent’s WP.
  • Fixed minor errors related to the display and playback of audio messages when switching between threads.
  • Fixed minor issues related to sending outgoing messages.
  • Fixed the behavior based on which not all threads matching the search conditions were displayed on the History tab in the supervisor WP, if multi-level tags were selected in the Tags filter.  
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