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Logging Into Admin WP

  1. Log into the system by using the credentials provided by your system database administrator or another admin.
The password is case-sensitive, so make sure you use the correct case when entering it.
  1. Select the required language.

  2. Click Login. Note you cannot log in under the same credentials from more than one device/tab at the same time. If you accidentally do, the system forces you out of your previous (initial) device/tab and displays a notification on the authorization page.

    The admin WP opens. It contains 2 tabs: Settings and Users. In the articles in the Admin Operations online help, you will learn the tab details and special features as well as how to work with them.

    Note that on the WP authorization page and when clicking the user avatar (in the top right corner) while logged in, the component version (Backend, Reports, Threadstate, Datastore, Frontend) is displayed. You can copy it to the clipboard, if necessary.

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