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Registering App in Firebase

  1. Open Firebase console. If you have no Firebase account, create one using your gmail account to authorize.
  2. Click Create a project (if this is your first project) or Add project (if you already have projects of other apps).

  3. Enter the name of your project.

  4. Accept the Firebase terms and click Continue.
  5. Select any of the suggested Google Analytics options – it does not affect working with push notifications.
  6. Select an icon of the app you want to create. In this example, select the Android icon.

  7. Enter the Android package name. This name must match the project settings of your app in Android Studio. You will also need to enter this name when registering the app in edna. Optionally, enter the app nickname as additional description and click Register app.

  8. Download the google-services.json file and add it to the root of the app directory of your app in Android Studio.

  9. Add the suggested code from the Add Firebase SDK section to the app’s build.gradle files and complete the setup.
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