How to Connect Chatbots

The following processes are only available to edna Chat Center users with the admin role.

  1. Make sure the Chatbot section is available in your admin WP.

    If it is not displayed, ask your system administrator to enable chatbots. They will need to execute a query in the database, for the details of which they need to contact
  2. Ask the vendor of the required chatbot for the following parameters:
    • URL of the chatbot backend for processing client messages
    • URL of the chatbot backend for initiating a chat with a client (optional)
    • URL of the chatbot backend for bot training (optional)
  3. In the Chatbot section of the admin WP, create a chatbot, specifying all the required details, including the URLs from step 2. For more details, refer to the Connecting Chatbots article.
  4. Once you create a chatbot record, select it in the list and click + Token. Copy the generated token and send it to the vendor of the chatbot.
  5. Switch on the chatbot.

For more details, refer to the Admin Operations section of the online help.

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