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Downloading Chat and Routing History

From the Threads list, you can download a thread’s chat/routing history. To do that, in the Threads list on the History tab, click Thread actions and select one of the options:

  • Download chat > Of the current thread, Download chat > Of all threads – Select one of the options to download a .csv report with the details of the selected chat/all threads of the client. In the report, you see the client’s name and external ID (for example, from the customer’s CRM), date and time when the messages are sent, the content of the messages, and whether there are attachments in this chat.
  • Download routing history – Select this option to download a .csv report with the routing details of the selected chat. This report contains the following information, including the dates of the events:
    • Thread creation and the client’s internal ID
    • Segmentation parameters
    • Successful trend compliance checks for segments
    • Route name
    • Assigning the thread to an agent or a bot
    • Returning the thread to the distribution queue (including due to a transfer)
    • Closing the thread (including the name and the role of the person who closed it)
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