February 7, 2023

New Features

  • We’ve changed the name of the minimum Viber payment. Now it’s Subscription fee Viber over the period of …
  • We’ve added an option to delete templates created by operators and users on each channel.
  • We’ve improved the New WhatsApp template screen for operators and users by adding screen tips, data validation between operator and custom templates, and intuitive formatting.
  • We’ve added file type verification for uploading a list of clients for an audience. Only .xlsx files are supported now.
  • API: We’ve added a new not-found error for sending messages:
    • Code: 404;
    • Description: Not found requested URL.
  • API: We’ve added a phone number or channel ID to the channel profile request method.
  • API: We’ve improved the cascade information request method. Now it returns the list of all active cascades.
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In this article