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Configuring Web Push Notifications for Mobile Version of Agent WP on Android and iOS

When using the mobile version of the agent WP on Android or iOS (versions 6.14 and later with the PWA application installed on the desktop), you can receive web-push notifications about a new message in one of your chants with clients even if the tab with the chat is inactive, the browser with it is minimized, or if you blocked the device. For that, you need to:

  1. Make sure edna Chat Center version 5.1.0 or higher is installed on your stand.
  2. Register an app in the Firebase console as described in this article.
  3. Send the senderId and firebaseConfig attributes from the Firebase console to the support team.

The support team then finished configuring web-push notifications for your stand, and you will be able to receive the client notifications on your device.

To create an app in the Firebase console:

  1. Open Firebase console. If you have no Firebase account, create one using your Gmail account to authorize.
  2. Click Get started.
  3. Click Add project to create a new project.

  4. Enter the name of your project.

  5. If required, enable Google Analytics (you can select any option, it will not affect how the push notifications work) and click Continue.
  6. Click Create project. Then, wait until the project is created and click Continue.
  7. Select the web icon for the created project.

  8. If necessary, add a nickname for your app in the App nickname field. This name will not be visible to users.
  9. Register the app by clicking Register аpp.

  10. From the instruction you receive in step Add Firebase SDK, copy the firebaseConfig section and save it for further use (you can paste into a draft of your email to the edna Chat Center support team). Click Continue to the console.

  11. Click the settings icon next to Project Overview and select Project settings.

  12. Go to the Cloud Messaging tab.
  13. Copy the value of the Sender ID column and also paste it into the draft of your email to the edna Chat Center support team.

  14. Send the copied values of firebaseConfig and senderId to the support team, so they could finish the configuration process.
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