Sending message read confirmation

Our platform marks all incoming messages from clients as read by default. This status is then transferred to a client who expects an answer even if you haven’t actually read the message yet.

If your software supports automatic message status transfer, you can set it up to send message read confirmation after you open a message. Note that you must contact our support team first to have automatic message read confirmation turned off.

change-status method

You can call the method for message read confirmation transfer to mark a client’s message read. The message will be marked as read in client’s WhatsApp.

If the request is successful, a JSON object with a message identifier and read status is sent to the platform. The platform then marks the message as read. If the status is not recognized, the platform returns an error message.


To send a message, a POST request is sent to the following URL address:

Request format

The request body contains a message id that was received in the callback of the client’s incoming message and the read status.

Request example

An example of the body of a request sending the client’s message read confirmation:

    "id": 288101,
    "status": "READ"

Request parameters

The change-status method uses the following parameters.

ParameterData typeDescription
idstringIncoming message identifier received in the client’s message callback (see Receiving messages).
statusstringIncoming message status. Valid values: read

Response format

In the case of successful execution, the method confirms to the system that a client’s message is read. The system marks the client’s message as read. System response: 200 ok