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Checking Broadcast Settings

In this step, you can see the summary of the broadcast configuration and verify the settings all in one place. You can also edit them, if necessary, and correct any errors by clicking Edit next to the section name.

  1. In the Broadcasts > Edit broadcast > Broadcast check section, review/edit the following:
    • Broadcast settings: In this section, you can see the general settings of the broadcast, the broadcast duration, and the approximate estimate of the message sending interval.
      If the system throws an error, it is possible that the broadcast start date and time has already passed. In this case, correct it by clicking Edit next to the name of the section.
    • Broadcast audience: In this section, you can see how many clients are included in the broadcast based on the audience you selected. If there are no clients (Number of recipients is 0), the system will throw an error. You need to check the settings selected for the audience.
    • Broadcast content: In this section, you can see the message preview for all the channels in the cascade. If there is an error in this section, verify you have set up message content for all the steps of your cascade, or select another one.

      You can see the resulting message in the Message preview pane.
  2. Once you verify the broadcast and correct the errors, if any, you can send it by clicking:
    • Plan – If the broadcast has a future date. Once you confirm planning, your broadcast moves to the Scheduled status. You can still edit it, though, by clicking Return to drafts for this broadcast.
    • Send – If you selected Send now when setting up the broadcast. You will have 5 seconds to cancel the broadcast, if necessary. Then, the system notifies you that the broadcast has been sent and specifies its estimated time of delivery.

Once the broadcast is sent and completed, you receive a respective notification. Use it to either open the Notifications page or to go to the message report.

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