5.1.1 (December 14, 2022)

New features

  • In the admin WP, on the Chat Schedule page, it is now possible to specify the seconds in the schedule. 

Bug fixes

  • We have fixed the error that caused the chat history to be displayed in the incorrect order in the View chat history window in the agent WP.
  • We have fixed the behavior based on which the channel app name did not display in the list of channels in the Send message window in the agent WP. 
  • In the same window, we have also fixed the issue that caused a list of templates from the edna platform to be not loaded.
  • For agents, we have restored the ability to confirm actions in modal windows using Ctrl+Enter. Agents can use these hotkeys in the following windows: windows with notification about unanswered messages, assigned tags, and profile.
  • We have fixed the behavior that prevented the window for assigning tags to open using Alt+T, if the cursor was not in the message input field.
  • We have fixed the issue that caused an incorrect list of clients to be displayed in the Closed thread mode in the agent WP.
  • We have fixed the behavior based on which agents had incorrect statuses after the connection was restored. 
  • In the supervisor WP, we have adjusted the display of the user ID in the list of threads on the History tab.
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