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Blocking Clients

You can block a client while processing their thread (that is when the thread is active).

  1. In the thread operations menu, click Block client .
  2. If necessary, leave a comment in the Block user window.

  3. Click Block client.

    The system sends the blocking request to your supervisor and automatically removes the thread from your queue (the thread automatically gets the Closed status). Now the supervisor needs to confirm or dismiss the request. Regardless of whether they confirm or dismiss it, the thread remains in the Closed status (that is, it does not return to the distribution queue). The supervisor can also unblock the client later, if necessary.

    In any case, if the blocked client starts a new thread (and if this is enabled by the admin in the segmentation and routing settings), the next agent working with this client will see the system messages with the blocking request in the thread history:

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