Creating Broadcasts

Before you start setting up a broadcast, verify the following:

1. At least one channel is connected to edna platform. This channel must have the Active status.
2. At least one operator template is registered, and a custom template is created based on it (if you are planning to send broadcasts via WhatsApp). For more details on templates. Refer to the Template Types article.
3. At least one cascade is set up.

We also recommend that you upload or create an audience with all required tags and variables. This is not mandatory for creating a broadcast, but it can help save you some time when setting it up.

If your configuration meets all the required conditions, you can start setting up a broadcast. It takes four steps, and you can stop at any of them and save a future broadcast as a draft and come back to it when necessary.

You need to complete the following steps to create a broadcast:

  1. Specify its general settings (covered in this article)
  2. Select the broadcast audience
  3. Specify the content
  4. Check the broadcast settings

Configuring General Settings of Broadcasts

  1. In edna platform, go to Broadcasts and click Create broadcast.
  2. Specify the name of the broadcast.
  3. Select when you want to send the broadcast: Send now (to send the broadcast as soon as you finish setting it up) or Set date and time (to send it on a specific date and time).
  4. Select the time period when you want the client to receive the message: Do not set (the system sends messages 24/7 without a predefined time range) or Set your timeframe (to set a timeframe and, if necessary, specify whether to use or ignore the clients’ local time).
  5. From the Number of messages to be sent per second drop-down, select the number of messages per second you want the system to send. Default is 5.

  6. Click Save to save the draft or Continue to move to the next step.
Managing Broadcasts
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