Other Chatbot Features

In this article, we will cover other features a chatbot has,

Quick Reply Settings

A chatbot can send quick reply buttons as a response to a client’s message. You can configure the following:

  • Max number of quick replies to be displayed
  • Max allowed length of a quick replies displayed in the client’s chat

For the configuration details, contact support@edna.io.

Sending Formatted Messages

A chatbot can also send messages that are formatted in Markdown. Chatbots needs to pass such messages in the formattedText parameter of the Post answers method.

Passing Client Data to Chatbot

Via the clientData field, a bot receives not all client data, but only those fields that were specifically set by the edna system administrator. So, for the fields to be passed to the bot, they need to be configured appropriately. For more details, refer here.

Passing Routing Parameters

When a chatbot transfers a thread from itself, it can pass additional information for the thread segmentation in the segmentationInfo object. This object contains information about custom segmentation parameters and their values in the key:value format.

To configure a custom segmentation parameter, a system administrator needs to:

  1. Create a segmentation parameter in the segment_parameters in the database. For the steps on creating custom segmentation parameters, contact support@edna.io.
  2. Add the value а the custom parameter to the segment_parameter_dictionaries table. This parameter will be displayed in the admin WP when creating a segment. For example, a custom parameter for client status (client_status) can have three values, vip, premium, and new.
  3. Create a segment with the added segmentation parameter, then set up a route for this segment.

Next, a client sends a message to your chat and is transferred to the chatbot. The chatbot then:

  1. Understands the client has the vip status.
  2. Transfers the thread, passing the following segmentation parameter in segmentationInfo:

     "segmentationInfo" : {   "client_status" : "vip"   }
  3. The thread is segmented as Segment for client status and further follows the For VIP clients route.
Quick Reply Buttons
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