Chats in Mobile Apps

Mobile SDK for edna Chat Center is an excellent tool you can use to build a chat and embed it in your iOS or Android application. Such chats will serve as a convenient and efficient means of contact between you and your clients. They are easily maintained, you can customize them so they fit your corporate style, integrate with push notifications, etc. Messages received via a chat in a mobile app will be available in WPs in edna Chat Center.

How It Works

A chat launches via a button you configure on your side. Clients that send messages in a chat in your mobile app are always authorized for enda Chat Center, as edna receives their unique external ID that remains the same from one request to another. This way, both your agents and clients can track the chat history.

When a client launches the chat in your app, edna receives their identifiers in the background, and these identifiers can be anything: their full name, pet’s name, car model, etc. edna Chat Center agents can then review these details in the client card and use them appropriately to improve the quality of their communication with the client. As the identifiers received from the clients can be anything, you need to configure the fields you want to be sent to the system by yourself (`externalClientId` and any data in the key-value format). For more details, contact the support team

Types of Messages in Mobile Chats

In a chat in a mobile app, you can send and receive the following types of events:

  • Text messages (including the ones with emojis in them)
  • Messages with attachments (image, file, text and image/file)
  • Messages with quotes
  • Voice messages: you can record and send them via the chat. Before you send one, you can play or cancel it. You can also play, pause, rewind, or quote the voice messages that you have already sent.

Customization of Mobile Chats

Chats are fully customizable: you can configure its color scheme, size, appearance, and text of buttons, welcome text, background color, and other details. You can also remove or add buttons, enable or disable quick replies, etc. This way, you can adjust the chat to any appearance so that it fully fits the design of your app and meets the requirements of your business.

Capabilities of Mobile Chats

Clients using your chat can do the following:

  • See when the agent is typing (that is, their typing status)
  • See the read status of their message
  • Quote their own or agent/chatbot’s message
  • See the unread message counter, if the web widget was minimized when new messages were received or if the chat history was scrolled up
  • In the notification shade, see a push notification about a new message if the mobile application was minimized at the time the message was received
  • Review the agent’s avatar
  • Search by messages
  • Review only files/images in the chat history
  • Review system messages edna Chat Center sends (for example, about the average waiting time, being transferred to another agent, etc).
  • Accept or decline the request to close the thread early
  • Rate their experience after they finish their chat

Chatbots it Mobile Chats

You can configure your chat so that when your client chats with a chatbot, specific buttons are available for them in the chat area (so-called quick reply buttons). After your clients clicks one of the buttons, they send a quick reply to the bot. Your administrator can also configure it so that when a bot sends quick reply buttons, only they are available, and the message input filed is blocked.

Mobile Chats After Hours

When your chat is unavailable, clients can send messages that the agents will then process during their working hours. This is available if configured by your administrator in their admin WP.

Note that if a client has an active thread when it is already after hours, the chat will still be available to them until the thread is closed.