Agent Status Log Report

Use the Agent status log report to review the history of agents’ status changes in edna.

date_startDate and time when the agent moved to a status (for example, the time when the agent switches to Active is date_start for this status)
date_endDate and time of the agent switched to another status, was kicked out, or signed out of the system (for example, the tome when the agent switches from Active to Lunch break is date_end for this status)
stateStatus of the agent (Active, Not ready, Lunch break, etc). For more details, refer to the table in the Agent Status Widget article and the Agent Operations topics of the online help.
interval_durationTime in seconds when the agent remains in one of the statuses
dateFirst date of the period
agent_idAgent’s identifier
agent_nameAgent’s name
sv_idSupervisor’s identifier
sv_nameSupervisor’s name
department_nameDepartment name
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