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Quick Start

Configure the main settings:

  1. Ask your system administrator to enable the bot.connect mode in the edna database settings.


    INSERT INTO settings (id, key, value) VALUES (nextval('settings_id_seq'), 'bot.connect.enabled', 'true');
  2. Old mode must be disabled as follows:


    UPDATE settings SET VALUE = 'false' WHERE key='external-bot.enabled'
  3. Get the chatbot web service URL that handles client messages and init-chat requests.
  4. Ask the admin to:
    • Create a chatbot in the admin WP (item “Chatbot”)
    • Set the chatbot to the READY mode
    • Add the chatbot to routing as the first step
    • Create an authorization token for the bot
  5. Provide the authorization token to the bot server.
  6. For testing purposes, send the first message as a client. The chatbot server has to get the MESSAGE webhook.
  7. Send a reply to the message, see the Customize clientData in Webhook Content article.
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